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New Amaya games are coming soon in the USA
Thuesday, 20 May 2014
The fanatics of casino games will finally find out new horizons thanks to the coming of new games within new appliances in the USA. The Amaya Group has recently signed an agreement with its subsidiary Cadillac Jack in order to offer new distractions to the American customers. At the second quarter of this year, the fanatics of gambling games in land-based casino can benefit from the new creations of the big Amaya Group. Most of the new machines in which new games can be played with are provided for category II.

They are provided for category III in the casinos of Oklahoma and California. Nearby this big novelty, the game developer company offers repair services and upgrading programs to its American customers. In the aim to give pleasure to the millions of players in land-based casinos, the newness was prepared to improve the relationship between the Amaya Group and its loyal clients. The Group also targets new partners so that its marketplace will be developed. Moreover, it is possible to play casino with the Amaya games in the State of Wisconsin. That is, Amaya Group had obtained the license of supplying games to the category III casinos of this State.

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